The schema formal indoor extremely simple is composed of a cylindrical drum (43.21 m.) Surmounted by a hemispherical dome in which the height of the key to the floor is equal to the internal diameter of the building.

Even unto even unto underworld coelum

"I built buildings such as houses and houses like palaces "

Recalling the meaning of the old house as well as the tragic event of the Vesuvian eruption that sent - fixed unearthed in the ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum Stabia... - Would be tempted to change so the old aphorism The Cosbusier:

" They built temples as houses and temples as houses ".

Fifty years after the sudden disappearance of those cities in an amazing building and fortunate would have taken and passed down to us - and seamlessly - the sense of the second aphorism: the rotunda of the Pantheon expands to the limits of the divine sphere the simple human cube atrium of a house in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

In this, as in that, the protagonist is the cool shade of an open pit only to the sky.


All space is concentrated on the void through which the light of day and seasons, penetrating inside the cable, measure the rites and prayers, or simple daily acts of domestic life.

The disk of the sun stays there for a moment suspended time in the " old " of noon: the fragrore the storm v'irrompe with the flash of lightning and the sound of the rain, the nights of full moon shadows stand out even more sharp light an extreme pallor.

The sense that unites the large roundabout at the simple house lies in the perpetuation of that process is usually defined as classic: a progressive transfer of structural and functional relationships to something purely formal.

It implements the representation of a party game.

The lobby, the center of domestic cohabitation, crossed by the axis in which the actual membership of the house to the earth and the sky, (it is not strange that the same image is raised from the definition of property " even unto even unto underworld coelum " in Roman Law ?) is in the long abandoned by the functions of daily life - who move into new neighborhoods around the inner peristyle - to become, in a way upside down, place of representation of the same everyday - memory of the house - the shrine.


The old wooden table turns into valuable cartilabum.

The well remains the elegant cylinder puteal.

The impluvium - that always sinks in the thickness of the soil and watering down into the earth more significantly below the tank (the architecture provides long canals to water) - sometimes the fence becomes a viridarium.

The impluvium - viridarium, the cartilabum and puteal consist in hardness and fixity of marble sundial under the changing of the light that falls from compluvium.

The life implementation as something purely formal.

All petrifying. As in a fossil which is web surfing remains of a living organism.

The canteen holds the place of an altar.


[...] The effect of changes suddenly when you enter the roundabout. The design of the sanctuary of a temple as something more than a rectangular box, or sometimes cylindrical, strictly closed, it was already a revolutionary innovation, and, even apart from any consideration of custom, the first impression produced by the round, with its soaring coffered vault and the light that penetrates the central opening, must always have been one of the greatest architectural experiences. There had been earlier in the round dome, illuminated from the center of Baia and Rome itself, in those, fairly recently, the Baths of Trajan, but none of them was so exceptional in size or had the same charming simplicity and dignity of conception.

- [...] A Bay there are two further developments of this distinction of elements and especially the evolution of the dome. Both buildings were in indoor swimming pools.

- The so-called " Temple of Mercury " of the Augustan age the thin hemispherical dome of about 20 mt. in diameter is pierced in the center by a large central eye, this scheme elementary but fundamental in the development of architecture will find a few decades after its greatest expression in the Pantheon.

- The so-called "Temple of Venus" by Hadrian there is a dome that is, with its sixteen cloves set of an octagonal drum pierced by eight large windows arched, the largest coverage "umbrella " of the Roman Empire and thanks to windowed drum up a new use of sunlight in architecture and beating the water shatters into a thousand reflections projected on the walls and the dome.




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